Expense management, made simple

Managing and recording expenses has never been easier. Manage everything in one system, making it easier for everyone in your company.

Time-saving expense management

Business expenses can range from health care and travel expenses to new equipment and coffee for the office. Whatever it is, it's important to record it correctly. Flexible expense management makes it easy for everyone in the company and saves time at several stages. Purchases are made with company cards, receipts are photographed in the app and the authorizer can easily approve purchases without any hassle.

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For happy employees and managers

Simplified expense management is beneficial for both managers and employees. In addition to giving you a real-time overview of expenses, receipts are linked to the right transaction immediately upon purchase. This in turn facilitates both administration and accounting. No more hunting for receipts for the manager, and a relief for the employee who avoids private expenses.

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From expense to accounting

Mynt has direct integrations with the market's leading accounting systems.

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What is an expense?

Personal expenses, employee expenses, mileage allowance, entertainment, subsistence allowance... there are many types of expenses. Here you can you can read more about expenses and what is what.

How do I link my accounts?

How you integrate your accounting system depends on which system you use. Here you can you can read more about how to connect your accounting system.

Some common questions on expenditure management

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We have collected some articles for those who are curious and want to learn more about spending.

Best financial system?

A reliable financial system is essential for most businesses. Here we look at different financial systems and what you need to consider when choosing a system.

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Calculate VAT quickly and easily

Everything you need to know about VAT and how it is calculated for employer contributions, entertainment and much more. Calculate VAT easily with our sample calculations.

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Ants Tech recruiters on growth

Ants Tech Recruiters acquired Mynt, which has simplified both the company and its employees. Learn more about their journey and how they use Mynt.

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