Financial services should be smooth and fair

Our vision

We are here to help the next generation of businesses grow.

Today's businesses have a completely different expectation of how things should work, and what entrepreneurs should spend their time on. Manual administration, paperwork and complicated tools are history. The companies of the future want simple tools with full control.

Our platform, built with modern software and linked to both banking and accounting, makes it easy for companies to get their expenses in order, manage their company cards themselves, have real-time control and access flexible financing. Businesses are building the future, and we are building the best possible financial platform to help them on that journey.

Our journey

The team behind Mynt has previously been involved in developing financial services at companies such as Klarna, Nordnet, SEB and Ericsson. The founders themselves have long experience of the administrative obstacles that exist when running a company.

Today, thousands of Swedish companies use one of Mynts services. Mynt has received funding from Svea Ekonomi and Luminar Ventures, among others. Mynt is registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is part of VISA fintech in a box and a member of Findec and SUP46.

Rebecca Asplund

Accounting Partnerships Manager

Mathilda Chahla

Head of Customer Success

Emil Kühner

Head of credit & card operations

Peter Nilsson


Johan Obermayer


Mardin Ebrahimi

Sales & Business Developer

Otto Klingspor

Head of Marketing

John Hill

Head of Partnerships

Johan Otterborg

Accounting Partnerships Manager

Baltsar Sahlin


Victoria Starberg


Helena Ward

Customer Success Agent

Magnus Wideberg

CTO, Head of Tech

César Milan-Edstrand

Head of Barketing

Anna Rijkeboer

Product designer

Nick Coloman

Head of Design

Selma Ibranovic

Customer Success Agent

Tilda Grell

Head of People

Henning Stenhammar

Head of Sales

Malta Fibel


Anders Karlsson

Chief Legal Officer

Victor from

Sales & Business Developer

Jacob Båth

Data Scientist

Johan Bengtsson

Sales & Business Developer

Marcus Bergsell

Sales & Business Developer

Wilian Zurita


Martin Schramm

Sales & Business Developer

Sebastian Andersson

Credit analyst

Alexander Granhof


Anton Laakso

Partner Success Associate

Joakim Aronsson

Head of Finance

André Stenlund


Niklas Rosenquist


Jonathan Partain


Malin Withers

Sales & Business Developer

Benny Feng

Product Owner

Joel Feist

Product Manager

Cuba Lacki


Emelie Ringström

Customer Success Agent

Johan Olfsson

Customer Success Agent

Richard Rasmusson


Micael Loberg


Fredrik Graflund

Business Development