Bank secrecy

If you lose your card in Sweden or abroad, it is important that you block your card immediately.

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Why we ask you so many questions

We ask a series of questions when you become a customer at Mynt, and we continue to ask questions even afterwards - during consultations, over the phone or via the help center. We know that the majority of our customers are honest, but to detect the few who are not, we need to ask everyone, without exception. When you answer our questions, you help prevent criminal activity.

Legal requirements and social responsibility

All banks are required by law to hold data on their customers and know how customers use certain banking services. As one of Europe's largest banks, we take our social responsibility very seriously. We work to protect our customers, our company and society as a whole from criminal activity and we counteract money laundering, trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorist financing, illegal arms trading, tax evasion and more.

In personal conversations with our customers, by letter and after logging in to the online bank and mobile bank, we therefore regularly ask questions about our customers' banking transactions. Not all customers receive the questions at the same time and the questions may vary.

The fact that we ask these questions is thus a statutory requirement and part of the banks' social responsibility to counteract criminal activities and we hope for your understanding.

Have your web and mobile apps been blocked?

For customers who have been repeatedly asked questions without answering, we have to temporarily block online or mobile banking, as we are not legally allowed to provide banking services to customers we do not know. The block will be lifted once the customer has answered our questions.

Check that communication is secure

Before submitting personal data or other important information online, you should check that it is a secure, encrypted connection.

Be on your guard

Unfortunately, it is common for criminals to try to exploit bank customers. But there are things you can do to help fight crime. Never let anyone else use your bank account. Make sure your computer is properly protected, and be vigilant when you receive emails from unknown senders or are asked to click on links. Read more about security and fraud.

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