Smart company cards

By assigning each employee a company card, you can avoid cumbersome and time-consuming expense reports. Manage your company's finances smoothly through a flexible system with smart features.

mynt cards enterprise premium essential

Simple pricing for all needs

Up to and including 10 users

An all-in-one solution. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Up to 10 users.
Physical and virtual cards
Flexible mobile app
Advanced filtering and searching
Attestation flow
Choose between debit and credit*
Individual spending limits
Integrations (Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, PE accounting, etc.)
Read more about the cost of credit here
15 users included. 49 SEK/month per additional user

Best for companies that want a complete system with an overview of all expenses.
499 kr/month
All services from Essential
Unlimited number of users (15 included. 49kr/extra user per month)
Premium support
Premium integrations
For companies and groups that spend 1 MSEK or more per month.

Normally 100+ employees.
According to agreement
All services from Premium
Tailored discounts & cashback
Tailored integrations
Dedicated onboarding and support

Why choose Mynts business cards?

Integrated expenditure management

With Mynt Corporate Card, you never have to worry about manual expense reports or complicated accounting processes again. Our system automatically records every transaction and categorizes the expenses for you.

Smart technology

Our business cards are not just cards - they are intelligent business management tools. Each card is equipped with smart features that facilitate expense management, budgeting and reporting.

Tailored for your business

Whether your business is big or small, we have a tailor-made solution for you. Choose from different card options and features to suit your needs.

Increased control

Authorize and track employee expenses in real time to avoid surprises.

This is included in Mynt Business card

  • Sleepless integrations
  • Real-time overview
  • Powerful web and mobile app
  • Debit or credit solution

How it works

Once you have become a customer at Mynt , it is easy to get started with our corporate cards. Order cards by logging in to the website. You can have both physical and virtual cards. The physical ones take between 2-5 days to arrive and are easily activated with our app. Virtual cards can be used directly online, or in physical stores by adding them to Apple or Google Pay.

1. Select Corporate Card
Explore our range of business cards and choose the one that best suits your needs.
2. activate
Activate your card quickly and easily via our app or website.
3. Start using
Use your card for business-related expenses and see how each transaction is automatically recorded directly in the app.
4. Managing Expenditure
Log in to your Mynt account to categorize expenses, facilitate receipts and set budgets and generate reports.

A personal company card

Out-of-pocket expenses and waiting for reimbursement is history. With Mynt, each employee gets their own company card. Group employees into teams, set spending limits on individual cards, and see what's being spent in real time. With transparency, there are no surprises at the end of the year.

Individual spending limits credit card mynt

Physical and virtual cards

Order both physical and virtual company cards. The physical card can be used both in physical stores and online, while the virtual card only works for online purchases. Multiple virtual cards can be used for different purposes and are ideal for subscriptions, for example.

Why a company card?

Integrated with accounting

Easy expense management

Unlimited number of cards

View transactions in real time


Individual spending limits

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Overview of your expenses

Business cards make everything easier, from managing expenses to invoicing and accounting. Keep track of all your expenses in one system, with several smart features.

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Cards linked to accounting

From card purchases to accounting. Mynt has integrations with the market's leading accounting systems. Easy linking and real-time export, and no manual reconciliation with credit card invoices.

More on accounting integrations
Mynt system software

Company cards with credit

Our business cards are classified as credit cards and you can apply for credit on your account. With credit, you can shop first and repay later. The credit has a fixed fee of 180 SEK on limits up to 50 000 SEK. For amounts above this, a limit fee of 0.25% - 0.35% is charged, depending on how much credit you have.

Credit limit on card

Different options, for different needs

Different companies have different needs. That's why we have several offers, so you can choose the one that best suits your business - Essential, Premium and Enterprise. Are you a small business? With Essential, the service is free for up to 10 users.

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Pay with your phone

The cards can be used with both Apple Pay and Google Pay. Pay with your phone - convenient and secure for the user.

How much does a company card cost?

With Mynt , business cards are free of charge up to 10 users. After that, we have different pricing models, based on your company's needs.

Can I use my card when I am abroad?

You can use your company card for purchases abroad. The currency surcharge for foreign purchases is 1.95%.

What happens if I lose my card?

You can easily block the card with one click in the Mynt app. Should you find the card, you can easily unfreeze it again.

Who is liable to pay for credit cards for companies

With Mynt , the responsibility for payment lies with the company, not the individual employee.

Some frequently asked questions about company cards

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