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Tired of hassling with receipts and personal expenses? Get a business card from Mynt today and automate your bookkeeping. Issue as many cards as you need, set individual credit limits, upload receipts and get full control over all transactions in real time.

mynt cards enterprise premium essential
Free up to 10 users
Highly rated by our customers
Automatic link to the accounts

Vilket kort är rätt för ditt företag?

Whatever the size of your business, we offer tailor-made solutions to suit all needs. At Mynt , you also get transparent contracts, low fees and favorable conditions.

Up to and including 10 users

An all-in-one solution. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Up to 10 users.
For limited liability companies, other types of companies read here
Physical and virtual cards
Flexible mobile app
Advanced filtering and searching
Attestation flow
Choose between debit and credit*
Individual spending limits
Integrations (Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, PE accounting, etc.)
Valutapåslag 1,95%
* Read more about the cost of credit here
15 users included. 49 kr/month per additional user

Best for companies that want a complete system with an overview of all expenses.
499 kr/month
All services from Essential
Unlimited number of users (15 included. 49kr/extra user per month)
Valutapåslag 1,5%
Premium support
Premium integrations
Auto Receipts
For companies and groups that spend 1 MSEK or more per month.

Normally 100+ employees.
According to agreement
All services from Premium
Tailored discounts & cashback
Tailored integrations
Dedicated onboarding and support


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5 trust pilot stars
Mynt is the future
User-friendly interface, easy to administer, fast support.
Michael Grünberger
5 trust pilot stars
Highly recommended
We automate our entire expense management. All employees have their own company cards and our receipts go straight into accounting via PE.
Jonathan Ortheden
5 trust pilot stars
Excellent for us
We now have company cards for the whole team and have finally got our expenses in order. Highly recommended. Easy to get started and great support
Niklas Eriksson

Company cards with credit

With a business card from Mynt you can have up to 5 million SEK credit limit, which is one of the highest credit limits on the market. This allows your company to handle larger expenses with ease and have a smoother cash flow, without peaks and troughs. Choose between paying back the credit every two weeks by direct debit or once a month by invoice.

A personal company card

With Mynt , each employee can get their own card and not burden their private account for company expenses. Easily organize employees into teams, set individual purchase limits, take photos & upload receipts directly in the app and get a clear overview of all expenses in real time.

Företagskort integrerade med bokföring

Från kortköp till bokföring, undvik pappersarbetet i slutet av månaden och hantera dina utgifter digitalt. Mynt erbjuder sömlös integration med populära bokföringssystem som Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi och PE Accounting. Du kan med den extra funktionen för Smarta Kvitton matcha rätt kvitto automatiskt mot rätt transaktion.

More on accounting integrations

User-friendly app

With our app you get a full overview of all transactions and can easily set individual purchase limits, upload receipts, generate reports and much more with just a few clicks. The app allows you to view, categorize and track all transactions in real time and you can easily filter and sort the transactions based on date, amount, category, and much more.

Pay with your phone

Our cards are compatible with leading digital payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it easy and secure to make contactless payments with your phone.

Safe and secure with Visa

Med Mynt får du ett Visa Platinum kort med högsta säkerhetsnivå som Visa erbjuder. Du har fullständig kontroll över ditt företags transaktioner, vilket minimerar risken för bedrägerier eller otillåtna utgifter. Alla fonder är skyddade av en statlig insättningsförsäkring.

receipt and computer

Vad är Mynt?

Mynt är ett svenskt företag med säte i Stockholm och grundades år 2018. Med över 50 anställda idag, erbjuder vi en modern plattform som integrerar bank- och redovisningssystem. Det gör det enkelt för företag att hantera sina utgifter, administrera företagskort, ha realtidskontroll och tillgång till flexibel kortkredit.

Teamet bakom Mynt har en gedigen erfarenhet av att utveckla finansiella tjänster hos välkända företag som Klarna, Nordnet, SEB och Ericsson. Grundarna har personlig erfarenhet av de utmaningar som företag möter i sin dagliga verksamhet. Idag används Mynts företagskort av tusentals svenska företag. Mynt är registrerat hos Finansinspektionen och är en del av Visas fintech in a box-program, samt är medlemmar i Findec och SUP46-nätverket.

Företag formar framtiden, och vi strävar efter att bygga den mest effektiva finansiella plattformen för att stödja dem på deras resa. Läs mer om Mynt här.

Get started with Mynt

Getting a business card from Mynt is easy. Apply directly on our website, book a demo to get more information or contact us to discuss a customized package for your business.

1. Select Corporate Card
We offer three different packages: Essential, Premium and Enterprise.
2. activate
Activate your card quickly and easily via our app or website.
3. Use your card
Set individual purchase limits for each user in the app and start using your card directly for business-related expenses.
4. Hantera utgifter
Log in to your Mynt account to upload receipts, categorize expenses, set budgets and track transactions in real time.

How much does a company card cost?

With Mynt , business cards are free of charge up to 10 users. After that, we have different pricing models, based on your company's needs.

Can I use my card when I am abroad?

You can use your company card for purchases abroad. The currency surcharge for foreign purchases is 1.95%.

What happens if I lose my card?

You can easily block the card with one click in the Mynt app. Should you find the card, you can easily unfreeze it again.

Who is liable to pay for credit cards for companies

With Mynt , the responsibility for payment lies with the company, not the individual employee.

Some frequently asked questions about company cards

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