Individual spending limits

Each Coin Card can have an individual purchase limit, whether virtual or physical. Choose the type of card you want to order and then set the monthly limit.

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Flexible purchase limits

With a purchase limit on the company card, you can decide how much can be spent on that particular card on a monthly basis. The administrator can easily increase or decrease purchase limits at any time - flexible and easy.

Individual purchase limits and credit

Each card user in your team will have an individual purchase limit set by your administrator. When the team makes purchases on the their cards, the company's joint credit is used.

Smart credit.

Advantages of individual purchase limits

Keep track of your budget

See what's being spent in real time - transparency means no surprises at the end of the year.

Security and control

With individual purchase limits on each card, you have full control over what is spent, and do not risk spending more than planned.



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5 trust pilot stars
Mynt is the future
User-friendly interface, easy to administer, fast support.
Michael Grünberger
5 trust pilot stars
Highly recommended
We automate our entire expense management. All employees have their own company cards and our receipts go straight into accounting via PE.
Jonathan Ortheden
5 trust pilot stars
Excellent for us
We now have company cards for the whole team and have finally got our expenses in order. Highly recommended. Easy to get started and great support
Niklas Eriksson

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