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Less time on expense management with a digital tool and smart business cards with customizable options. Mynt is the perfect tool to automate processes and easily scale as you grow.

Up to and including 10 users

An all-in-one solution. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Up to 10 users.
Physical and virtual cards
Flexible mobile app
Advanced filtering and searching
Attestation flow
Choose between debit and credit*
Individual spending limits
Integrations (Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, PE accounting, etc.)
Read more about the cost of credit here
15 users included. 49 SEK/month per additional user

Best for companies that want a complete system with an overview of all expenses.
499 kr/month
All services from Essential
Unlimited number of users (15 included. 49kr/extra user per month)
Premium support
Premium integrations
For companies and groups that spend 1 MSEK or more per month.

Normally 100+ employees.
According to agreement
All services from Premium
Tailored discounts & cashback
Tailored integrations
Dedicated onboarding and support

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Physical Visa Platinum premium credit card
Virtual Visa Platinum premium credit card
One-click card ordering
Easy freezing of cards

Account and credit

Debit solution with auto top-up
Read more about the price of credit here
Extended credit, 45 - 90 days


Mobile app for card users
Individual spending limits
Turn ATM withdrawals on/off
Turn online purchases off/on
Freeze cards from mobile

Type of company

Limited liability companies
Sole proprietorship
Discounted price 199kr/month. If more than 11 users standard price 499kr/month

Spending and budget

Real-time analysis data
Overview of trends in purchases

Expense management

Real-time notifications
Real-time automatic creation of expenses after each payment
Different tax rates based on category
Project and cost centre
Attestation flow
Photo the receipt in the app
Upload PDF from email to mobile and web app
Exporting multiple transactions simultaneously
Powerful search and filtering
Preset rules in the chart of accounts

Accounting automation

Standard CSV and Excel Export
Export with SIE files
Accounting integrations (Fortnox, Visma eAccounting, PE accounting, etc.)
Premium integrations (Microsoft Dynamics etc.)
Tailored integrations

Teams and card administration

Grouping employees through teams
Different roles for employees, accountants and management
Project, cost centre and other lables
Add a certifying officer to each team
Easily switch between companies
Get balance sheet

Customer service

Mynt FAQ and help centre
Call in Support line
Live chat and lightning-fast support
Dedicated customer service
Dedicated account manager
Online Onboarding session

Cost of credit

On Mynt you can choose between different ways to access credit. Choose between paying it back every two weeks or monthly.

Method of payment

Monthly cost

Repayment every two weeks
Credit limit up to €100,000
Monthly repayment
0.25% of the credit limit
(minimum amount 180 kr)

If you want to repay the credit on a monthly basis, the cost is set based on the credit limit you have. The cost is 0.25% regardless of the amount. The fee is always at least SEK 180. For example, if you have a credit limit of SEK 100 000, you pay SEK 250 per month.

You can also choose to repay the credit every two weeks. You can then apply for an amount up to SEK 100,000 and the credit is then free of charge

In cases where you do not pay by direct debit, an invoice fee of SEK 59 will be added.

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