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Mynt is packed with smart features

Take advantage of several features that make it easy to keep track of your company's finances.

Photo the receipt with the app

Take a photo of the receipt at the time of purchase and your expenses will go all the way into the accounting system.

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Cards to the whole team

Distribute as many company cards as you need - with individual spending limits.

More on individual spending limits
Mynt premium card


Our seamless credit solution means you don't have to worry about purchases not going through.

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women with laptop MyntMynt app dashboard

Simple bookkeeping

Mynt can be used regardless of which accounting system you use, and also has direct integrations with the leading systems.

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Discount and cashback

Customers who spend more than £1 million per month can upgrade to Mynt Enterprise - with tailored discounts and cashback.

More about Enterprise
Mynt enterprise card

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Use Mynt together with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Smooth, secure and easy.

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Apple Pay Mynt

Integration with accounting systems

Mynt has direct integrations with the leading accounting systems on the market, such as Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi and P:E Accounting. Mynt However, it can be used with any accounting system through SIE or CSV export. Either way, you will save tons of time.

Learn more about accounting integrations
Mynt system software

For all types of businesses

Integrated with accounting

Easy expense management

Unlimited number of cards

View transactions in real time

Individual spending limits


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Want to learn more about Mynts function

Here are helpful links to know more about the different functions of Mynts .

Expense management - how to become more efficient

Expense management is a word that may not usually make people laugh with joy. At the same time, things have to be purchased and the purchases have to be properly accounted for.

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Three benefits of a company card

We've all heard of them, but what does a business card really mean for your business? We've listed three benefits for anyone who chooses to use a business card.

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See all expenditure in real time

Mynts analysis tools give you a full overview of all expenses, so you can avoid unexpected expenses and keep track of your budget in real time.

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Get a complete solution for your business expenses, with cards linked to your accounts.

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